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What we do

We help organizations accelerate their business results with minimum investment in time, effort and resources involved. To this end we create learning solutions that are specifically tailored to your own context and have the right mix of instructional technique, delivery and technology.

Why us

We have been supporting learning and developing initiatives since 1999. We are careful listeners and always take your goals to heart. In close collaboration with our clients, we have:

  • improved performance and learning motivation
  • reduced training time by 50%
  • freed up in-house training resources so they can focus on critical business tasks
  • shortened development of training materials up to 10 times
  • lowered training costs
  • avoided potential pitfalls in the use of instructional technology
  • received the Showcase Ontario training and development award

In a world continuously avalanched by new information and technologies, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with novelty and stay competitive. As seasoned training professionals, we can help your people learn smart, not hard.

Meet Iva Baltova

Iva Baltova, M.Ed., Ph.D.-Learning ConsultantIva Baltova is the founder and owner of LearnSmart Solutions - an international consulting business, based in Toronto, Canada.

Her passion is designing the kind of learning experiences that effectively change the way people work in the real world, as intended by the business.

Iva's expertise draws on the wisdom of two worlds: academia and corporate training. Her solid academic knowledge, practical experience, and creativity come into play when the task is to yield practical and usable outcomes for people on the job.

Iva and her team have helped multiple organizations produce real business results. To accommodate a wide range of projects, Iva partners with other experienced associates, who bring to the table the skills that are needed, such as professional graphic design, e-learning development, IT savvy, content expertise and technical writing.

Iva’s professional path includes conference presentations, seminars, workshops and articles published and cited in refereed journals.