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How we can help

We offer instructional design, development and evaluation of learning solutions, as well as consulting in the areas of training and e-learning.

We will assist you in making smart training choices from the very start - choices that can not only save you time, money, and resources, but maximize your business results. Perhaps we can help you avoid potential pitfalls, such as investing in unnecessarily expensive media when they are wrong for you. Or, maybe we can show you fresh new avenues you didn't know existed.

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Our solutions are born in collaboration with you

Regardless of the training issue you need to resolve, we believe that the smartest solutions are born in collaboration. Your expertise and knowledge of the business are indispensable to us! That is why we will ask many questions. Asking the right questions is half the solution.

We train people not subject matter

Even dry and challenging training content can be transformed into engaging, effective and memorable learning experiences! We do that by focusing on your people, not on the information. Think of our designs as learner-centric "tools" that enable your people to easily understand complex information, practice new skills in meaningful ways, and learn exactly what they need to learn so they are more successful at their jobs. And maybe they can also have some fun along the way... We don't believe that effective learning necessarily requires hard, boring, tedious work.

Your needs are the heart of our training solutions

Every project is unique. We follow a professional Learning Needs Assessment process to uncover your training needs, business objectives, critical learning gaps, and project requirements. Knowing that is our first step in resolving your challenge and ensuring success.

We aim for measurable success

Once we figure out together what success looks like for you, we will align our designs with your desired outcomes. We believe in staying accountable by implementing training program evaluation tools that help you monitor and measure success.